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LuvablePsycho 06-16-2018 07:48 PM

I ordered me a zombie incense burner from Amazon.com
Here's a link to the page so you guys can see what it looks like.


I can't wait for mine to come in the mail. ::devil::

ImmortalSlasher 06-19-2018 11:46 PM

That's old school. I think one of my grandparents used to burn incense.

SerialKiller 06-21-2018 01:34 PM

That's really cool. ::cool:: I'm an incense girl myself.

Bloof 06-22-2018 05:14 PM

Looks pretty decent!

Dead Bad Things 06-23-2018 05:49 PM

Way cool! Mrs. DBT and I are both incense heads..whatta ya burn?

LuvablePsycho 06-23-2018 06:40 PM

I mostly buy the cheap incense they sell at Walmart. My two favorite scents are dragon's blood and spiritual.

Dead Bad Things 06-27-2018 08:30 PM

Dragon's Blood at wallmart?? Is it on a stick?
Ya ever see Dragon's Blood in the raw? It's a tree resin...it comes in chunks, I freeze it first and then grate it into a fine powder. Then burn on a bit of charcoal to release it's magical fragrance.

Dragon's Blood was also used in old time stage craft as a pyrotechnic effect. In it's powdered form it burns like sparkly fire when thrown onto an open flame..It's really cool...you should try it sometime.

LuvablePsycho 07-04-2018 07:17 AM

That IS really cool! I never knew that. :)

BTW I found out that the sticks are too long to burn on this zombie incense burner so I guess I can't use it lol, but it still makes a cool decoration though.

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