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Dontwalkdownthere 05-27-2019 12:12 PM

Short ghost stories
Hi all,
If you like ghost stories and strange tales, with splashes of true events. You might want to check out my current series of short films Ďdonít walk down there!í https://youtu.be/i26AvxT23Y4

Bloof 05-28-2019 04:07 AM

Pretty cool.

David Luca 11-15-2019 12:48 PM

Hello Guys listen
Mommy told me never to go in the basement, but I wanted to see what was making that noise. It kind of sounded like a puppy, and I wanted to see the puppy, so I opened the basement door and tiptoed down a bit. I didnít see a puppy, and then Mommy yanked me out of the basement and yelled at me. Mommy had never yelled at me before, and it made me sad and I cried. Then Mommy told me never to go into the basement again, and she gave me a cookie. That made me feel better, so I didnít ask her why the boy in the basement was making noises like a puppy, or why he had no hands or feet.Ē ::EEK!::::confused::

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