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WillPenny 06-05-2019 06:38 PM

Magic ZOMBIE! Glass
Hi folks! Check out the "Magic ZOMBIE! Glass" - it turns your regular tiki cocktail into a potent voodoo potion... just add a cold beverage and watch the dead appear: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...c-zombie-glass

While the concept behind the glass is inspired by tiki culture (and Don the Beachcomber's original tropical cocktails), the illustration and design is based directly on pre-code horror comics and inspired by classic zombie films (such as "I Walked With A Zombie," "King Of The Zombies," "The Zombies Of Mora Tau," and even the under-rated drive-in classic "I Eat Your Skin!").

You can check out more details about the glass (and place an order for one for a limited time) here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...c-zombie-glass

Bloof 06-07-2019 04:14 AM

Thats actually pretty cool.

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