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Gojira 01-18-2005 12:48 PM

Godzilla 1954-2014
Greetings everyone this thread is about Godzilla and the 3 diffrent Godzilla movie series that have been made in the last 50 years by Toho studios in Japan. The 1st Series consicts of 15 Godzilla movies made from 1954-1975 It is called the Showa series. The 2nd series was made from 1984-1995 the series has 7 movies and is called the Heisei series. The 3rd series was made from 1999-2004 and is called the Millennium series. Here are the movie titled of each series. There are 28 movie titles in all.
Showa series
1 Godzilla1954
2 Godzilla Raids Again 1955
3 KingKong vs. Godzilla 1962
4 Mothra vs. Godzilla 1964
5 Ghidora the 3 Headedmonster 1964
6 Godzilla vs. MonsterZero 1965
7 Godzilla vs. Eibra 1966
8 Son of Godzilla 1967
9 Destroy All Monsters 1968
10 Godzillas Revenge 1969
11 Godzilla vs. Hedora 1971
12 Godzilla vs. Gigan 1972
13 Godzilla vs. Megalon 1973
14 Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 1974
15 Terror of MechaGodzilla 1975
Heisei series
16 Godzilla Returns 1984
17 Godzilla vs. Biollante
18 Godzilla vs. KingGhidora 1991
19 Godzilla vs. Mothra 1992
20 Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 1993
21 Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 1994
22 Godzilla vs. Destroyer 1995
Millennium series
23 Godzilla2000 1999
24 Godzilla x Megagirus 2000
25 Godzilla Mothra KingGhidora 2001
26 Godzilla x MechaGodzilla 2002
27 Godzilla x Mothra x MechaGodzilla SOS 2003
28 Godzilla Final Wars 2004 50th Anniversary movie
The 1992 and 1993 movies are remakes and Tristars 1998 movie is not listed as it is not part of the series. The Godzilla movie series is the longest running movie series in movie history where all the movies are made by 1 movie studio. The James Bond series is 2nd with 20 movies made by Pinewood studios. I would like to know which Godzilla movie series is your fave. I like the Heisei series the most over all.

Moribund 01-18-2005 07:47 PM

I never knew anything about dividing the Godzilla movies up like that, but from what I see I like the Showa series best.

Gojira 01-18-2005 08:27 PM

Hi Moribund I grew up watching the Showa series movies 1954-1975 and when the Heisei series came along the series blew me away. The Heisei series in 5 of its 7 movies has Godzilla being twice his original hight and twice as powerful. The first 2 Heisei movies in 84-89 Godzilla is bigger then he was in 54-75 but by only 30 meters. Toho studios when making its 2nd and 3rd series made them so each series begins with the 1st movie in 1954. The Heisei series is 84-95 but the 84 movie is a direct sequel to the 1954 movie 30 years later Godzilla returns in 84. All the Heisei movies link up to each other to tell one story like Starwars movies. The Millennium series movies 1999 -2004 6 movies so far again Godzilla 2000 is a sequel to 54 and each of the Millennium movies are direct sequels to the original 1954 movie except Godzilla x Mothra x MechaGodzilla in 2003 as it is the sequel to the 2002 movie Godzilla x MechaGodzilla. It is intersting to note Godzillas hight is diffrent in each series. From 54-75 Godzilla was 50 meters tall and from 84-95 Godzilla was 80 meters and 100 meters tall then from 1999-2000 he is 55 meters in 2001 60 meters in 2002-203 55 meters in 2004 100 meters tall. I think the Heisei and Millennium movies are much much better than the old Showa series better made better special effects etc. Its a shame that the only Heisei movie that was released in the USA was the 1984 movie that was seen here in 1985. The other 6 movies came out on video not in theatres. The same thing happened with the Millennium series Godzilla2000 in 1999 came to theatres in the USA in 2000. The other movies did not come to the USA except for last years Godzilla Final Wars but thats because its world premier was in Hollywood november 29th 2004.

nine9 01-18-2005 08:37 PM

I have to admit that I liked the movie with Matthew Broderick. So sorry..........:( lol..............but I thought itwas pretty good.

I am generally not a fan of these movies. Thought they were just funny at best. Very, very bad effects. I'll have to admit they are classics though.:)

Gojira 01-18-2005 09:22 PM

Hi nine9 as big of a Godzilla fan I am I have to say I really hate the 1970s Godzilla movies with a passion. The 70s Godzilla movies were being made to be like the Gamera movie. The Gamera movies were aimed for kids. Toho wanted kids to see Godzilla movies so in the 70s they began making Godzilla kiddie like movies where Godzilla is out to save the world rather than destroy it. Thsts the reason Toho quit making Godzilla movies in the 70s. They were losing money older people were not watching them so the series ended. I think Tristars so called Godzilla movie in 1998 is a good giant monster movie. However it is not a movie about Godzilla. Let me explain back in 1995 Toho made Godzilla vs. Destroyer it was supose to be the last Godzilla movie and Tristar wanted to buy the rights of Godzilla from Toho so they could make in American Godzilla movie. This was in 1996. Toho said NO so Tristar asked Toho if they could Lease the name Godzilla so they could title their movie Godzilla. Toho said ok but pay us 10Million dollars. Tristar agreed paid the 10 Mil. The monster could not look like Godzilla or have Godzillas trademark Atomic Ray. This was a rule Toho insisted upon. Tristar made a movie not about a mutated Dinosaur as Godzilla was and is but the Tristar monster was a mutated Igunana he was just a Lizard. Mathew Brodrick in the Tristar movie names the giant Igunana Igunanasarus. Not Godzilla. The movie was titled Godzilla and people thought they were really going to see a movie about Godzilla when there was no Godzilla in the movie. Fans were jipped imo. Toho studios has never and will never remake Godzilla just like they will never remake the 7 Samurai. Because the Tristar 98 movie was titled Godzilla as a means to sell tickets to lure fans to see the movie many fans were tricked into thinking they saw a Godzilla movie when infact they didnt. On a side note the director and producer of the 1998 so called Godzilla movie were fired. The 98 movie is probley the best and worst thing that happened. Its the worst in that that 98 movie almost killed the fandom here in the USA. Its the best thing in that after it was made. Toho Studios resurected the Godzilla and contracted to make a 3rd Godzilla series in 1999 starting with Godzilla2000. If I were you Nine9 I would try and watch the Heisei series or Millennium series as they rock and are not anything like the old Showa series of the 70s.

nine9 01-18-2005 09:30 PM

Holy Fucking SHIT! Do you ever know alot about this!

Well I will check that out. I have never known anyone into this so much since my friend in grade five.

You sure know your zilla! :p :D

Gojira 01-19-2005 07:00 AM

Hi nine9 you might find it intersting to know that there are 2 other movies that makes reffrence to Tristars 98 so called Godzilla monster. In 2001 Toho made the movie titled Godzilla mothra KingGhidora GMK for short. In the movie near the start of it there is a scene where about 100 people are listening to this one guy make a speach about how giant monsters have attacked including a monster that attacked NYC in the late twentith century. Then it shows one Jap asking his friend Was that Godzilla? His friend says No but they thought it was in America . But here in Japan we knew it wasnt. I love that scene in GMK as it proves that the 98 monster was never Godzilla. The other movie that takes it a step further is Godzilla Final Wars last years Godzilla movie. In the movie it has the 98 Tristar monster and Godzilla fight each other. As not to confuse fans the 98 monster is simply called Zilla and yes he is still a CGI monster. Anyway Godzilla and Zilla fight Godzilla kills Zilla in a minute. Well as they say in the Highlander movies There can only be just one. Your right I do know alot about Godzilla movies then again I have been watching them since 1966. And I try to make it each year to G-Fest a Godzilla convention held in Chicago.

nine9 01-19-2005 07:32 AM

Cool. My friend that was into these was from Eastern Europe. I think she was Chech. She never missed them if they were on TV. I think they were particularily popular there.


Gojira 01-19-2005 08:30 AM

Hi nine9 I can believe that Godzilla is pretty popular in Eurpoe there was even a website called EuroGoji. The name was changed to GojiWorld. Its still the same place just their name was changed. Goji is short for Gojira and Gojira is what Godzilla is called in Japan. In english Gojira is Godzilla.

Gojira 01-24-2005 01:12 AM

Many people dont really know what inspired the movie Godzilla to be made back in 1954. Well the movie was based on a real life event that took place back in march 1st 1954. The USA was conducting h-bomb tests at bikini island and had asked that all fishing boats stay a safe distance away as to not get effected by the blast. There was one fishing boat a Japanese troller named the Lucky Dragon #5. The boat was 87 miles away but the blast was bigger than what the USA thought it was going to be anyway the Lucky Dragon was stuck by a Radiation blast. Everyone on board the boat was nuked and riscue boats were sent out. around the same time a movie studio executive was on his way back from a trip where he was unsuccessful in securing visas for actors in the studios next movie. the young executive picked up his news paper and started to read it on the front page it said JAPANS 2nd ATOMIC BOMBING the article was about the incedent that took place when the Lucky Dragon boat was nuked and how both the USA and Japanese blamed each other for the incedent. After reading the write up the executive wrote down some words on some paper Atomic Bomb Dragon Rescue boat. When the Executive arrived in Tokyo he pitched an idea to his bosses about a movie where a radioactive monster comes out of the sea and attacks Tokyo. his boess loved the idea. The idea became Godzilla and the young executive who had the idea produced the movie Godzilla opened in november 3rd 1954. Godzilla was so sucessful the Producer made 21 more Godzilla movies from 1954-1995 22 in all his name was Tomoyuki Tanaka. Godzilla was a dinosaur who was awaken and was mutated by an H-Bomb and had absorbed the bomb radiation and became as powerful as an H-bomb. In the move Godzilla destroys all of Tokyo and is able to emit a beam or ray of radiation that can destroy anything. Aftet Tanakas death in 1996 a 3rd Godzilla series was made that started in 1999 and continues to this day.

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