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rpanderson 03-12-2014 11:51 AM

Spectre: a new Horror Multiplayer game on Kickstarter!
Hi all,

I'm Ryan, the project lead for Spectre. Spectre is a horror multiplayer game my team and I began developing last year. The game has won numerous awards, including being nominated as a finalist in the 2013 IndieCade VR Jam, and we've just brought it to Kickstarter. Check it out!


In Spectre, you can play either as a defenseless Seeker, exploring your haunted surroundings with others in an effort to survive, or as the Spectre, lurking in the shadows to scare and capture the rest of the players. Suspense builds as the Spectre draws closer. Players can hear its whispering grow louder, and static permeates their vision.

Spectre can be played with standard setups, and also with the Oculus Rift for even more immersion. We're looking for backers to help playtest multiplayer when the kickstarter campaign ends next month.

If you want to see this game released, support its Kickstarter campaign!

Thanks for checking it out. For more info on Spectre, you can visit

eyemobi 04-10-2014 12:52 PM

Wow this game looks very cool! Well done with getting kickstarted :)
I see you are using the ever-popular HE kit from Artur G - we're using that as a preliminary environment too :D

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