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trashcity 07-26-2008 07:12 PM

2nd Phoenix Fear Film Festival
We're baaaaaack! ;)

After the storming success of our first event - and despite the sale of our original venue out from under us - we've returned for more gore, terror and indie horror. This time, it takes place in an actual cinema, so no more taping garbage-bags to the window for us! Here's the details:

Saturday, August 30th: Noon-2am
Chandler Cinemas, E. Valley Mall,
2140 N. Arizona Ave, Chandler
Advance tickets: only $15, including a free DVD from our Sack o' Doom...
Available through the website:

FIVE FEATURES, including...

World Premiere! Death Factory: Bloodletting [Dir: Sean Tretta, US] A group of online deviants are invited to an abandoned factory to witness a “Bloodletting”, an event displaying the torture and murder of an innocent person. Once inside, they soon realize that they have been lured into a trap by a self-righteous madman, who uses the factory and its bloodthirsty inhabitant as his own personal version of Hell. From the director of Great American Snuff Film: enough said!

Sick Girl [Dir: Eben McGarr, US, 87 mins] The story of Izzy: a girl that wants to f*ck her older brother, protect her little brother - and torture people out in the barn. This features a brilliantly-cold lead performance by Leslie Andrews, playing a strangely moral character, perhaps best described as an evil cross between Juno and Dexter. It also marks the return of Stephen (976-EVIL, Fright Night) Geoffreys to horror after a seventeen year absence.

Conjurer [Dir: Clint Hutchison, US, 89 mins.] - Art photographer Shawn Burnett reluctantly agrees to move to a rural farmhouse to help his wife, Helen, recover from the loss of their stillborn baby. Shawn begins experiencing unsettling events surrounding an old cabin on the property. At first skeptical of a local legend regarding the cabin’s past, Shawn soon becomes convinced that the farm is haunted. As a ghostly presence manifests itself in increasingly deadly ways, Shawn encounters disturbing echoes from his own troubled past.

Demon's Kiss [Dir: Dennis Devine, US, 84 mins.] An attempt to summon a demon using the sacrifice of a prostitute misfires - the evil entity instead possesses the body of the intended victim! With the ability to leap between hosts, how can it be stopped before it tracks down its target? From the director of Caregiver, which won Best Feature at the debut PFFF in 2006

And a bunch of SHORTS, including

Shuteye Hotel [Dir: Bill Plympton, US, 8 mins.] From two-time Academy AwardTM nominee Plympton, one of the masters of American animation, comes a film noir murder mystery that takes place in a sleazy hotel. As cops investigate the gruesome murders they become victims of this evil force. What Jaws did to swimming, Shuteye Hotel will do for sleeping.

Prime-Age [Dir: Daniel Steffern, CH, 13 mins] Hector returns home after a year away. As he looks for his father, he revisits his childhood memories. He and his sister Anna grew up together in a screwed-up world where bad and good were reversed. Now, it's pay-back time for Hector, and his father will reap what he has sowed...

Mr. Video [Alex Masterton, GB, 15 mins.] Competing against DVD piracy, Internet downloading, and an array of customers who never seem to rent anything. Will, owner of Mr. Video, struggles in vain to earn a living. But things soon change when a particularly-obnoxious young man enters the store and pushes Will to breaking point...

If it's as much fun as last year, we can't wait. It's good to give something back to the horror community that has gives us so much pleasure over the past decades.

Noah 07-27-2008 01:52 PM

Nice, I think I may just haveta go to this.... I didn't realize there was another one, apart from the usual Horror Film Festival held in October. Thanks for posting this!

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