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Abishai100 09-14-2017 11:56 PM

Original Comic (Short-Story): "Horror-Man"
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I wanted to create a synopsis-presentation for a larger comic storyboard I've been working on, one that is inspired by the works of Clive Barker and focuses on a new age interest in pure flesh-themed horror-adventure comics-oriented storytelling (in the tradition of Spawn).


A new superhuman emerged onto the urban scene of modern Los Angeles, and he called himself 'Horror-Man.' His critics wondered if a vigilante should don such a 'radical' name, since it might create panic among the masses, but the hero was convinced that radical action was exactly what was necessary. Horror-Man wanted to deal with a new criminal element in L.A. (in the year 2020) calling itself 'Black Mask.'

Black Mask was an 'egalitarian' narcotics-gang primarily but it also dealt with black market munitions networks in Moscow. Black Mask rotated leadership, so no one could try to assassinate a 'figurehead' to make the entire gang vulnerable. Black Mask employed tactics nothing short of pure hell. Black Mask members carried machetes and chainsaws and used them to rip LAPD cops to shreds, decapitate them, or even split them in half (from the genitals up to the neck in some cases!).

When Black Mask was suspected in the murder of three female LAPD police officers (burning two of them alive and splitting the other one in half!) on Halloween Eve, Horror-Man knew he donned the appropriate name for himself (since he would have to deal with the pure hellish 'horror' of modern L.A. in the year 2020). Horror-Man immediately began dismantling Black Mask, assassinating members left-and-right (with his handy silencer-pistol). Horror-Man would shoot Black Mask ghouls in the right-eye (as a signature 'marking' of his vigilantism achievement).

The LAPD regarded Horror-Man as a new age 'Messiah,' though politicians felt much more critical of endorsing a 'rogue vigilante' to deal with L.A.'s newest menace. One politician went so far as to argue that fighting fire with fire would only make evil enlarge. Horror-Man ignored his critics and proceeded to attack Black Mask right at the throat. Horror-Man even found one warehouse-lair of Black Mask (where cocaine was being processed) and burned it (and everyone in it!) to the ground.

Finally, Horror-Man killed the last two surviving members of Black Mask by the end of his year-long 'crusade,' shooting them both in the right-eye with his silencer-pistol. Horror-Man wore a fancy helmet and cape to designate himself as a 'spiritual prophet,' and LAPD officers continued to commend him for his offbeat heroics. When a female LAPD officer asked Horror-Man why he felt his radical tactics were so appropriate, Horror-Man coldly and calmly explained to her, "Destroying a purely evil gang using machetes and chainsaws requires nothing less than absolute wrath." Horror-Man would be remembered as the 'Real Punisher.'



Abishai100 10-03-2017 11:16 PM

Chapter 2: Horror-Man meets Carnage
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I like how comics and horror-comics speak to a new age angst towards urbanization-management, and this second chapter was inspired by Spawn and Cobra. There's also a nod to the Marvel Comics super-villain Carnage, though I've altered the character for this original story.


Horror-Man was happy with his newfound celebrity-status and being on the cover of TIME magazine. Everyone was calling him the 'real Punisher.' There was a comic book craze in Hollywood, and film-makers wanted to make a movie-adaptation of Horror-Man's feats. Amidst all this fun and excitement, a new menace rose to prominence --- Carnage.

Carnage was once a regular psycho named Clyde Karns but a chemistry accident turned his body into a very malleable mass of flesh, and he could extend his arms to great lengths and exert force with impressive strength. Carnage also had protruding claws, which he used (believe it or not!) to pierce the groins/vaginas of female cops (his special target!) and let them bleed to death! Horror-Man had a new enemy...

Horror-Man ('HM') wanted first and foremost to put an end to Carnage's reign which included the bizarre ritualistic killings of female cops. Horror-Man used an electric-net to trap and stun Carnage to the state of unconsciousness. He then dragged him to a warehouse (abandoned) where he could interrogate the super-psycho.

HM: Why did you pierce the vaginas of female cops?
CARNAGE: Destroying humanity's sensitivity towards fertility is key!
HM: You want to destroy a woman's ability to reproduce? Are you deranged?
CARNAGE: No, I'm not deranged. Females hold the power of life on Earth.
HM: And you want to destroy this sacred power? Why?
CARNAGE: America is a land of gluttons and cheeseburger-guzzlers...
HM: I don't think female cops warrant the punishment for that frailty!
CARNAGE: Why not? Why be a female cop when your husband is a glutton?
HM: You're confusing patriotism with fanaticism...
CARNAGE: I am not! Who would notice if I castrated male cops? Boring!
HM: Look, maybe the Starbucks logo is a female mermaid-siren, but c'mon!
CARNAGE: "C'mon(!)" what? America is a giant Burger King fraternity.
HM: I suppose Jack the Ripper was a prophet too...
CARNAGE: I know nothing of Scotland Yard, but the LAPD is Burger King.
HM: By attacking women, you send the message that nothing is sacred.
CARNAGE: You're biased by the media; you're searching for Robin Hood...
HM: An enemy of fertility is an enemy of God.
CARNAGE: God doesn't love everyone...read Richard III.



Abishai100 10-07-2017 02:31 AM

Chapter 3: Demon-Baby
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This chapter/section was inspired by the governance-darkside film Village of the Damned.


Horror-Man now had two very handsome trophies in his crime-fighting case for personal glory. Now, the U.S. government wanted to send Horror-Man on a special mission to Venus from which emanated a strange intelligent signal seemingly signifying some kind of salutations to humanity. Horror-Man was both excited and thrilled at the opportunity to make 'contact' with an entirely new species. Perhaps Horror-Man was also jaded by the moral apathy of the human species...

Horror-Man landed on Venus and was greeted by a humanoid alien named Spencer who took him to a special auditorium where Horror-Man was shown a slideshow history of Venutian culture and theocracy. Spencer explained that Venutians were engaged in a commerce-gauged political 'system' similar to the one created by humans on Earth. However, Venutians adapted a special form of 'relentless competitive-bargaining' which resulted in a 'society' of pure malice, wrath, gluttony, ambition, and fury. Some 'clans' on Venus even practiced cannibalism, eating the flesh of prisoners of rival clans taken hostage during battles.

The ultimate totem of this 'savagery-capitalism' Venutian system was a horrifyingly tragic 'golden child' of sacrifice selected as a pagan 'ideal' of sadomasochistic commerce-cynical death rituals. The child was a 1 year-old infant named Shell who was very cute and cuddly but had developed a bitter spirit because of the threats made against his life. Shell was 'chosen' by Venutians to be the 'scapegoat-offering' every Saturday night. Shell would be taken to an altar where he would be tortured but not killed and then allowed one week to heal. This bizarre and savage 'ritual' reflected the Venutians' complete moral disarray and descent into madness caused by capitalism corruption.

Horror-Man realized he was on a crusade-like 'mission of mercy' to save the forlorn baby Shell whose first torture-ritual 'session' was about to begin (on the upcoming Saturday evening!). Horror-Man was amused by the fact that Venutians used the same type of Roman calendar humans used on Earth, perhaps because the two planets shared the same sun. Horror-Man took a megaphone to the human-Venutian contact-celebration 'symposium' in the main auditorium (the entire Venutian city was a 'fortress' build underground and hence invisible to normal telescopes such as Hubble). Horror-Man delivered the following address before returning to Earth where he meditated on the intrinsic value of 'tempered capitalism':

"I am shocked and dismayed that our friends on Venus have struggled with the 'parametrics' of prudent capitalism-theory applications. Venutians have descended to the state of pure barbarous animals, bent on thievery, crudeness, savagery, and unspeakable avarice --- culminating in the demonic scapegoating of a bizarrely-chosen 'golden child' of species-sacrifice (and self-destruction!). Shell reminds every sentient being in the known universe that no end (regardless of how 'thrilling') justifies the means to that end (regardless of how 'popular'). I return to Earth simply 'humbled' about the 'capacity' of capitalism theory. I will take with me my fond memory of Shell --- this heavenly photograph taken by my high-tech NASA mobile phone (called the 'Snap-Stenographer')."


Abishai100 12-30-2017 04:38 PM

Chapter 4: Batman & Wonder Woman vs. The Thing
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I've always liked the pairing of DC Comics' superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman, so here's a chapter about the two characters working with Horror-Man to deal with a creature known as 'the Thing.'


Horror-Man finally met Batman and Wonder Woman. The two superhumans travelled all the way from their home planet (an alien planet) and greeted Horror-Man with much courtesy (since he had established a prestigious name for himself arguably!). Horror-Man noticed that Batman's radar-watch was beeping red, so he asked him if there was trouble. Batman looked down at his watch and yelped, and Wonder Woman asked him what was wrong, and he explained, "The abominable creature known as 'the Thing' has landed on the White House!"

Horror-Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman headed to the White House in Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Horror-Man asked Batman on the way there what his relationship to Wonder Woman exactly was, and the superhero coolly told him, "Someday I'll explain to you why we 'alien superhumans' feel as much love as you do...Wonder Woman is my sweetheart and wife!" Horror-Man smiled charmed but wondered how Batman could muster the courage to ask his sweetheart/wife to fight alongside with him on dangerous missions. Just then, Wonder Woman sensed Horror-Man's thoughts and told him, "Batman and I are equally strong, so he doesn't mind asking me to fight alongside with him!"

When the trio arrived at the White House, they realized that the abominable creature known simply as 'the Thing' had decapitated First Lady Melania Trump and had wrapped President Donald Trump in its slimy-tentacles, ready to claw into his eyes with the blades protruding from the ends of the ugly tentacles. Horror-Man was paralyzed with fear, so Wonder Woman gave him her shield and told him to duck down and stay hidden. Batman and Wonder Woman proceeded to cut the Thing apart with their sharp weapons. When the abominable Thing lay writhing on the ground, cut into pieces, they quickly burned it into ashes.

President Trump thanked the trio before they left again in Wonder Woman's invisible jet. The trio mourned the loss of First Lady Melania Trump and wished they got to the White House sooner to prevent the horrible tragedy. Wonder Woman dropped off Horror-Man who thanked them for taking him on their mission. Batman waved goodbye and told Horror-Man that he and Wonder Woman were returning to their home-planet but would return if anything else truly horrifying showed up on Earth. Horror-Man accepted the farewell but asked Batman and Wonder Woman how they sensed danger in time to deal with the Thing, and Batman explained, "When terror looms, those who love life always 'creep' towards places where they would be most helpful!"



Abishai100 01-18-2018 11:38 AM

Pinhead (Ouija)
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Angel of the Bottomless Pit: Pinhead (The Man without Kneecaps)

This is an adapted comics-stylized fan-fic based on the Hellraiser film-franchise.


Horror-Man decided he had obtained such absolute 'wisdom' regarding crime-fighting that he purchased a Ouija board one Halloween and started playing with it, trying to contact the 'underworld' to see what 'ghouls/spirits' thought of his vigilante-crusade. Horror-Man was in for a real treat(!), since he unwittingly evoked the underworld presence of Pinhead, a prophetic 'gate-keeper' of the darkness. Pinhead came up and explained to Horror-Man he was grateful for having been raised up from the deep to converse about 'vigilantism.'

PINHEAD: I appreciate this opportunity...
HORROR-MAN: Why do you have pins in your head?
PINHEAD: Well, it's not acupuncture!
HORROR-MAN: I guessed that, Pinhead.
PINHEAD: Each pin symbolizes a perception of death.
HORROR-MAN: Alright, but why don't you have kneecaps?
PINHEAD: I sliced them off...
HORROR-MAN: My goodness! Why?
PINHEAD: The knees are the rotating joints of the walking-legs.
HORROR-MAN: I supposed you're some kind of 'pedestrian nemesis.'
PINHEAD: Pedestrians walk the earth (e.g., Wall Street).
HORROR-MAN: Your lack of kneecaps symbolizes fear (I get it!).

Pinhead continued to explain to Horror-Man the logical rationale of having no kneecaps! Pinhead explained that modern civilization was marked by all kinds of traffic and transit and of course mobility and even companies who 'celebrated' such consciousness (e.g., T-Mobile). Having no kneecaps signified to Pinhead a deep sensitivity regarding the accidents and fears that arise from such accidents which hobble and cripple modern-man's arrogance and sensibilities of 'walking around the Earth.' When Horror-Man asked Pinhead what he thought about manmade industrialization-related eco-pollution, Pinhead simply gave an eerie grin and vanished. Horror-Man decided to write an account of this 'contact' in his special diary.

"Meeting Pinhead was...unusual. A ghoul with pins in his head (in no way representative of 'acupuncture mysticism') and lacking kneecaps (he sliced them off, my goodness!) certainly has a focused 'opinion' on what it means to be sensitive and mobile and self-aware enough to be a 'messenger' of mobility and sensory acuity. Next time I read a news story of a crime near Wall Street, I just might remember Pinhead (and his sliced-off kneecaps) and (hopefully) come to some kind of greater understanding regarding the sacredness of bones and cartilage! At the very least, Pinhead has motivated me to consider the value of re-evaluating the 'sensuous metaphysics' of vigilantism itself (if there is such a thing!). After all, what do all criminals think of when they conceive of the ugliness of pain in others? --- Diary Entry Halloween Eve 2018"



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