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OLO 10-06-2015 06:45 AM

Rigor Mortis
saw Rigor mortis a month or so ago, and had to watch it twice, but loved it. Very entertaining, awesome action shots, and weird intriguing aspects that twist your mind around trying to figure out and understand the story, or what is happening. Great watch!!!

Smeg Head1 06-18-2016 03:04 AM

I've had this in my list of movies to watch for a while now. I'll have to check it out!

RollinFan 06-19-2016 11:50 PM

It's pretty good. Not that original, but not bad.

horrorchic 08-15-2016 07:29 AM

Was Rigor Mortis, dubbed or subbed? I really love some of the Japanese horror that has come over to America. I enjoy that creepiness that comes with an unexplained sound, such as The Ring with the static and the clicks of Grudge.

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