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Chainsaw Guy 07-22-2005 07:32 AM

Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince
Some people think its impossible for a book to change their life. Well.......This book has changed my life. I cried at the end of this book. Right now i am still stunned at what happened I have barely talked to anybody. Ahead are some spoilers

*Spoilers* When Sirous Died in the last book I was horror Stricken. But when Dumbledore died in this one Tears fell down my face. Harry said that even if Hogwarts re opened he will not go back. So he can go to search for things that will help defeat Voldemort.*End spoilers*

I am having trouble writing this post. Im still shocked from what happen. My hands are shaking. Well i just thought i would share this life changing book with you all.

taylorsmommy 07-22-2005 07:46 AM

CG - I finished the book on Wednesday. I also cried, but in reading the part


about the funeral, I started thinking "This is not what it seems". We will, of course, have to wait for the last book, but I think it's all a ploy to trap Voldemort. I think it's something that Dumbledore and Snape cooked up between themselves. We'll see if I'm right.

The STE 07-22-2005 04:54 PM

OMG, HUGE spoilers ahead!!!

Harry Potter sucks

jenna26 07-23-2005 11:52 AM

I just finished it last night. I cried as well.


I agree that the death is not what it seems. It is impossible that it is, I think. Nothing gets by Dumbledore. So I don't see it working out that way. But maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part, because it really was heartbreaking.

ABnormaL 07-23-2005 12:52 PM

I don't know. I see what you guys are saying, but...


By killing of Dumbledore now and having got rid of Sirius in Book 5 Harry is now alone. Yes he has Ron and Hermione, but theres no adult figure or all knowing, powerful figure like the headmaster. Makes the idea of the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort more exciting, no one between them =)


I hope we don't have to wait a year for the next one =( Has anyone heard any gossip on it? How long will it be do you reakon?

jenna26 07-23-2005 01:40 PM

I don't know how long we will have to wait. *Sighs* I have heard nothing.

*************BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW***************

I honestly have refused to believe that Snape could be a bad guy though all of this so that might be why I refuse to accept the ending as is....LOL...I agree that this leaves Harry on his own so to speak, there is no one to shield or protect him from Voldemort now. It also leaves him enraged and even more determined to finish Voldemort off. And yes, that does make it more exciting. But knowing the character of Dumbledore, I don't really see him being taken in by Snape if he is indeed on Voldemort's side. I don't know, I just always liked the idea of Snape as a grudging good guy. Unpleasant and unlikeable, yet somehow needing to do the right thing. Oh well. :(

ABnormaL 07-23-2005 02:06 PM


Yeah! I've always liked the idea of Snape as the guy you loved to hate. He's not evil, just nasty, but on the right side. I liked the way he was good, but still held grudges against Sirius, James Potter and Harry because of him etc. Just an interesting character. Its fun blaming him and Malfoy in the first few books even when you know its going to turn out to be someone else entirely.
Its interesting to think that the guys you always think were bad, but weren't through the first few books are now, really the bad guys. Maybe your right about Dumbledore and Snape. Maybe JK Rowling has tricked us into thinking its Snape once more, but its not.
I like the idea of Harry being alone, but your right Dumbledore is such a great and strong character..he was killed off way to easy...and to think the Horcrux was a fake? And Dumbledore didn't know? Thats a bit strange too...

**************END OF SPOILERS*************

Guess it'll be another year then =( At least the Film's coming out soon. Hope its better than the third. I thought the third was awful compared to the book and film wise.

Chainsaw Guy 07-25-2005 07:50 AM

I know what happened!!!!!!

********Spoilers Ahead********
Dumbledore Wanted Snape to kill him so he can spy on Voldemort. That why Dumbledore was begging. He would never beg. He was begging him to kill him and not Save him from the Death Eaters.
********End Spoilers*********

MichaelMyers 07-25-2005 11:57 AM

...and Harry gets caught wanking behind Hagrid's hut.

urgeok 08-02-2005 06:43 AM

spoiled spoiler spoiling spoilt spilt splat

Snape saved Dumbledore, he didnt kill him.
pretty obvious.

but .. will harry be drawn to the 'dark side' or will the love and support of his 2 friends pull him through ..

i think so.

will there be the Further adventures of Harry Potter after the 7th book - i think so ..

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