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username 07-04-2020 12:16 PM

Robert D. Rowntree
I read a story by Rowntree from 2003-"Stickleybacks"-on Neverary.com(Issue #1). This was a genre website edited by Lon Prater which ran for a few years but only exists on archive.org nowadays. I wrote Prater an e-mail years after the story was published and he actually replied to thank me for reminding him about it and to say how proud he was to publish it, although it was so scary re-reading it he wasn't sure if "proud" was the right word. It is a terrifying story about a man who returns to his small town years after his friends died in a mine accident. He tried to resurrect them with black magic, but ended up turning them into monsters, and now they're coming for him, and the Bible-thumpers in his town have no sympathy for him at all. I was so impressed I searched for other stories by him, but only turned up a few online. Most seem to only exist in old small-press mags. I wish he would publish an e-book of his old stories, but he seems to only publish SF now. Anyone familiar with him? Read Stickleybacks if you dare.

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