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Morningriser 01-20-2016 12:39 PM

Rise Of The Symbiote (A DC/Marvel Fan Fiction)
The year was 2029 and for the most part Earth had been peaceful in recent years, but to many this merely felt like the calm before the storm. In fact, a darkness in the clouds began to form in certain areas of the planet. Even the villains of Earth knew something troubling was brewing. Some were anxious while others were weary...

Sinestro recently returned to Earth after a premonition he had about the downfall of the blue planet and he wanted to see it for himself. Late one evening under the cover of a heavy rain, Sinestro met in secret with Black Adam, who also felt the pressence of a great danger approaching. During the meeting the two were attacked by black shadowy figures floating through the air and left for dead.

Meanwhile in New York, Spiderman was out on patrol when his spider senses went completely berserk causing him to lose complete focus in mid air and plumit down towards the ground. As he was falling he completely blacked out.

He awoke later to find himself in an alley not far from where he was falling. He looked up at the buildings above and realized he could have not possibly landed in that area. Confused and unharmed from the fall, he went home for the night.

At S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters, the radar starts going haywire with some kind of interference. While the team try to figure out what is wrong, they call in Captain America and Iron Man, the only 2 Avengers who are available to keep an eye out for any suspicious activites in the skies, which have went from just stormy to pitch black.

A heavy wave of lightning and rain fill the foreground of the black sky as the radar begins to clear up showing a large object approaching Earth at very high speed. Iron Man is airborne and keeping an eye out for the object and suddenly sees a black silhouette of a figure approaching fast. Before he has time to react, the figure is upon him and has completely broke right through him rendering his suit broken and out of power. He begins falling towards Earth at high speed. Only a few hundred feet from crashing to the ground, he is suddenly grabbed and swept away by someone or something. Once he has the chance to look at who saved him all he can see is the S symbol of Superman. The two land and Superman says "How many times do I have to save someone from falling today?" Iron Man, still a little disoriented ahakes Supe's hand.

Superman tells Iron Man earlier in the evening he saved Spiderman from the same fate and the large object that took him out was Doomsday. He was tracking Doomsday who was going completely nuts for some reason and had no idea why.

After Superman makes sure Iron Man is ok the two are joined by Captain America. Superman fills him in on everything he told Iron Man and the 3 go to SHIELD headquarters together to ret ro figure out why Doomsday has went insane and why the sky has turned black.

The next morning at SHIELD, Bruce Banner appears and has an idea on what is going on. He tells the team that he hacked into space satelites and was able to track most of Doomsday's activities from the moon to Earth. It appeared as if even while flying, Doomsday was under attack by something. As he flew a trail of some sort of plasma-like substance trailed him. The team begin to question and wonder what it could have been when suddenly all the power inside the base shuts down. Gunfire is heard as screaching and squeeling is heard approaching. Windows begin to shatter and doors begin to come unhigned and destroyed. Two figures enter the area where the team are gathered.The first is a yellow symbiote with trails of black slime going everywhere and the 2nd is another symbiote all gold but with a constant flowing black lightning bolt moving throughout it's body.

Superman recognizes the lightning bolt and takes a moment to make a realization that it is Black Adam and after the yellow lantern corp. logo is seen on the yellow symbiote he knows it is Sinestro.

The two symbiotes begin destroying everything in the room while Superman, Iron Man and Captain America begin trying to stop them but as they try to hit them with whatever they can, it just gets devoured by the plasma and tosses away.

All of a sudden the roof of the room seems to just get peeled off and tosses away as Doomsday is now among them as well. The two symbiotes seem to become frightened and flee as Superman goes after Doomsday and forcing him into the sky and away from SHIELD headquarters but while in the sky, a substance begins running off of Doomsday's body and onto Superman. Superman is forced to break free of Doomsday and begins struggling with the substance which has taken on a life of it's own and is trying to cover Superman's entire body.

Iron Man attempts to take to the sky to help Superman but his suit is still not powered enough to fly. All anyone can do is watch as the symbiote fully engulfs Superman rendering him a blue monster with a red flowing cape trail and his signature S logo which is now upside down on his chest. The symbiote lets out a very loud scream exposing his massive teeth and long red tongue before flying away at a very high speed.

To Be Continued...

Morningriser 01-20-2016 05:36 PM

Video footage filmed by onlookers of the recent incident outside SHIELD headquarters quickly begins spreading on the internet and news stations around the world as well as a video clip filmed by an unknown person of Superman saving Spiderman from falling to his death. The footage also shows the mysterious darkness filling the sky as he lost conciousness and fell.

News of the incidents reach Gotham City where Bruce Wayne watches on television while having his breakfast. Like everyone else, he is confused and intrigued by the events of the evening before. Also watching is Lex Luthor who is pleased to say the least in thinking Superman was killed. Hew knew of the symbiotes and knew they would consume Superman and drain every ounce of life from Superman, but that wasn't enough for him. Lex Luthor wanted this power.

Back at SHIELD headquarters, the survivors tried to make sense out of what had just happened. Bruce Banner explained what the symbiotes were but could not offer much more as no one knew much about them. "Who were those first two symbiotes?" Iron Man poses when suddenly Green Lantern appears. He introduces himself to those who do not know him and explains who they were and the team begin to put together they suffered the same fate as Superman. Spiderman has now arrived as well. Green Lantern tells them of Doomsday and how he is from Krypton like Superman.

Spiderman links his black out to the symbiotes but cannot figure out why it happened when Bruce Banner posed to him the possibility of a link between when he wore the black suit and was one of them.

Meanwhile in Metropolis, Lex Luthor is doing more research on the symbiotes as well as Venom. He orders Venom to be found and captured if needed so he can run tests on the symbiote and try to learn as much as he can.

Elsewhere in Metropolis, Clark Kent wakes up in his bed unable to remember anything from the night before other than rain and darkness. He goes to work as if nothing had happened. When he arrives he cannot escape seeing what everyone else has already seen. There on the front page of the Daily Planet are pictures of Superman fighting with and then consumed by the symbiote. This confuses Clark as he doesnt remember any of it.

Bruce Wayne appears at his office to talk to him. He asks what he remembers and Clark tells him it was all a blur and he remembers nothing. Bruce offers to help Clark but Clark snaps at Bruce and sends him away.

Back at SHIELD, the team have been able to enhance satelite footage of Doomsday who appeared to be covered in several of the symbiotes as he flew to Earth. Bruce Banner beleives they were somehow drawn to Doomsday but unable to consume him and use him as a host. Green Lantern explains the possibility that he might have been too strong for them.

Suddenly Doomsday appears again at the building and it is Green Lantern who he goes after first. GL uses his ring to form a cage around DD but he breaks right through it. Captain America tries to assist but is just thrown off like he was nothing. Iron Man flies in and begins struggling with him but is also tossed away. Doomsday turns his attention to Banner. Bruce begins backing away. Iron Man is hurt but still concious and is able to utters "save us you idiot!" and just like that the Hulk comes out to play. He charges Doomsday and the two rip through the walls and outside. Hulk is latched on repeatedly headbutting Doomsday as he flies trying to free himself. Hulk continues to beat on DD until he finally breaks free and flies off again appearing to be hurt and heading straight up towards space.

The others run to Hulk's aid as he begins to calm himself and turns back into Banner.

To Be Continued...

Morningriser 01-21-2016 10:16 AM

As everything begins to calm down once more at SHIELD headquarters, everyone notices Spiderman is missing and have not seen him since Doomsday attacked.

A few hours later in Metropolis chaos ensues in the streets as the Sinestro and Black Adam symbiotes are destroying the city. Clark Kent is immediately made aware of their pressence and tries to find somewhere to rip off his clothes and becomes SUperman. He enters a dark alley but instead of becoming Superman he is immediately overtaken by the symbiote from before. He takes to the sky but instead of fighting Sinestro and Black Adam, he joins them in destroying the city.

Thousands of men, women and children runs for their lives as the carnage only gets worse. Suddenly Iron Man, Captain America, and Green Lantern appear. Iron Man goes after Sinestro and Black Adam while Green Lantern tries to peacefully talk to Superman but it doesnt work.GL attempts to cage Superman with his ring but much like with Doomsday, it doesnt work.

As Iron Man battles with Sinestro, Captain America is fighting Black Adam. Suddenly Lex Luthor appears wearing his Kryptonite suit and goes after Superman. Superman immediately becomes weakened. He hits the ground and begins struggling with the symbiote who is also weakened. As Superman fights to become free the symbiote seems to be doing the same thing. Lex Luthor approaches with some type of gun he uses as a vaccum of sorts and it sucks the symbiote into it. Before anyone can react to what has happened Luthor uses the jets on his suit to blast away. Iron Man begins to give chase but Luthor uses a small handheld device that resembles a remote control and it renders the Iron Man suit useless and drains its power. As Luthor flies away, everyone goes to check on Superman. The team notice that Sinestro and Black Adam have fled as well.

Meanwhile in New York City, Spiderman has found Venom. He explained to him what was going on and asked for the two to put their differences aside once more for the greater good of the world. Venom says he can feel the other symbiotes calling to him as if they are looking for him but he does not want them to find him. He tells Spiderman the symbiotes were very ancient creatures that came from deep within the core of Krypton much like Doomsday which would explain their attraction to him and why they were trying to all latch to him.

With this new information Spiderman asks Venom to go with him to find the others and give them the information he learned but Venom refuses to go with him and says the symbiotes want to enslave Earth and it was only a matter of time before more and more came and eventually no one can stop them.

Back at Luthor Enterprizes, Lex has the symbiote trapped inside a glass box ready to run tests and find out what it is when the symbiote speaks. In a light frail whisper it tells Lex they have come to destroy Earth and will not stop. Suddenly it hurls out a super loud scream that shatters the glass and shakes the ground for miles around. As the symbiote is escaping it says it just signaled millions of others like it and it is only a matter of time before Earth is destroyed.

To Be Continued...

Morningriser 01-21-2016 04:06 PM

Two days have passed since any signs of the symbiotes have been seen but the darkness still surrounds the entire planet. At SHIELD headquarters a larger team has been assembled to fight the oncoming attack. Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Bruce Banner, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow, and now Batman have assembled. The team have been trying to devise a plan to stop the symbiotes before they have a chance to hurt anyone.

Suddenly Lex Luthor appears as he too wants to help. The team are a bit weary to trust him but have no other choice. Luthor tells them what happened at his lab and the only logical idea they can come up with is to somehow once again draw the symbiotes to Doomsday, but there are millions of symbiotes and Doomsday cannot be bargained with. This is when Venom appears and offers too help. He says if somehow he, who also attracts the symbiotes could get them all to chase him and Doomsday they could lead them all into a trap but the only thing powerful enough to destroy them all is the sun. Venom is also not strong enough to fight Doomsday on his own and no one even knows where he is. Superman steps forward and volunteers to draw Doomsday out. Lex Luthor then offers the suggestion of a suit for Venom to wear that will allow him to travel through space and be able to match strength with Doomsday long enough to shift the two of them towards the sun. It is then Venom realizes he probably won't be coming back.

Lex Luthor begins working on the suit with the aid of Tony Stark. It is completed in only a few short days. The team go over the mission several times and even develope solutions for potential problems that might occur.

On the eve of battle the team gather at SHIELD headquarters waiting for the worst to come and it does! The entire Earth begins to shake causing massive earthquakes and tsunamis world wide. The black sky begins to pour rain along with massive amounts of thunder and lightning. This is it. This is the moment of truth.

To Be Concluded...

Morningriser 01-22-2016 01:53 PM

The Earth rumbled and the rain fell harder than ever. The dounds of frail whiispers came from every direction in the sky but nothing could be seen even when lightning struck. Superman took to the sky and used his heat vision to light up the night as he let out of a shout the equivelant of a sonic boom. In hardly no time at all the dark silhouette of Doomsday was seen charging towards Superman and many other shadowy figures were seen not far behind giving chase. Suddenly Superman ascends to the ground as a massive metal beast takes to the sky. It is Venom. He rams into Doomsday full blast and uses hooks and straps to dig into DD's skin.

The others watch on from the ground as Venom is able to overpower DD and push through the nearly endless sea of approaching symbiotes. Eventually the two begin slowing down as the symbiotes begin trying to latch on. "They will never make it into space" said Green Lantern. He and Iron Man both take to the sky to help them Venom and Doomsday break free.

On the ground, Luthor and Banner keep an eye on the radar. Suddenly two objects appear approaching fast. It is Sinestro and Black Adam who begins to give chase to Venom and Doomsday.

"They need more help!" said Luthor. Bruce Banner then looks to Spiderman and remembers his connection to the symbiotes and suggests getting him up there as well but no one knew how to do it but sudden Batman reappears in the Batwing and Spiderman gets inside. The two begin heading to the clouds. Eventually everyone has flown out of the black storm and have reached an area in the sky where it has become daylight.

Venom and Doomsday begin to approach the end of the atmosphere when Venom hits a new set of jets on his suit that blasts the two even faster. By now Iron Man and Green Lantern are fighting with Sinestro and Black Adam and they too are approaching the atmosphere. Suddenly Sinestro and Black Adam begin to somehow seperate themselves from their symbiotes. The two symbiotes have now abandoned them and joined the chase towards Venom. The number of symbiotes are becoming too strong for Venom to fight and the jets on his suit begin to malfunction. He and Doomsday begin to fall but suddenly the Batwing swoops in and they land on top of it. Venom is seen trying to restart the jets as the Batwing leaves Earth's atmosphere and enters space with the symbiotes still all following.

The Batwing continues flying towards the sun and Venom continues working on the jets as Batman and Spiderman try to reassure each other they will all survive.

Doomsday is weakened but begins to regain some of his strength and tries to fight off Venom as they approach the sun. Suddenly Venom gets an idea. The part of his suit that is attached to Doomsday is also the part with the jets. Suddenly the jets start to work again and Venom and Doomsday go flying off the Batwing. The two are flying straight towards the sun and at the speed they are going are only seconds away when Venom ejects himself from the jets and begins floating off into space but is quickly caught by the Batwing. He, Batman and Spiderman watch as Doomsday flies right into the sun and all of the symbiotes following do the same.

The Batwing returns to Earth to find all the rain and darkness to be gone. They land at SHIELD headquarters and find everyone else there waiting for them to congratulate them on saving the planet. Batman asks about what happened to Black Adam and Sinestro but no one saw them. It didn't matter though, everyone was able to relax in knowing that the symbiotes were all destroyed.

The End

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