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Morningriser 10-26-2015 05:07 AM

HDC Horror Movie Draft Thread
This thread is for draft picks only. Use this link to post Draft discussion: http://www.horror.com/forum/showthread.php?t=66436

HDC Horror Movie Draft

The Rules

Drafting will begin at 2pm Eastern Standard Time on October 26th with each player being given 12 hours to make their selection(s). The draft order will go from #1-#8 and then from #8-#1. At the end of each round the person who picks last will then pick first for the next round. If you miss the 12 hour gap you will miss your turn. If you are #1 or #8 and it is your turn to make 2 draft picks you will get 12 hours for each round to be fair to others, so if you miss the first 12 hour gap you can only choose for the next round. If you think you might not be online during your turn you may choose someone to post your pick(s) on your behalf. After all 10 rounds are complete you can make up the round(s) you missed in the order you missed them.

You may choose any horror film you like or any sub genre of horror as long as it is in fact a horror movie. When you make your choice list the name of the film, the year and the director, Once all ten rounds are complete, players will be paired in groups of 2s and the HDC community will vote on who has the better list by ranking each film on a scale of 1-5. Community members will then tally their scores and choose their favorite based on who has the higher scores.

The Draft

1. horcrux2007
- Alien (1979) Ridley Scott
- The Shining (1980) Stanley Kubrick
- Rosemary's Baby (1968) Roman Polanski
- The Silence of the Lambs (1994) Jonathan Demme
- Carrie (1976) Brian De Palma
- Saw (2004) James Wan
- Misery (1990) Rob Reiner
- The Descent (2005) Neil Marshall
- The Ring (2002) Gore Verbinski
- REC (2007), Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza

2. Repo'd
- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Tobe Hooper
- The Evil Dead (1981) Sam Raimi
- Frankenstein (1931) James Whale
- The Haunting (1963) Robert Wise
- High Tension (2003) Alexander Aja
- The Babadook (2014) Jennifer Kent
- Ginger Snaps (2000) John Fawcett
- The Wicker Man (1973) Robin Hardy
- Return of the Living Dead (1985) Dan O'Bannon
- Cat People (1942) Jacques Tourneur

3. Roifallo
- An American Werewolf in London (1981) John Landis
- The Howling (1981) Joe Dante
- The Wolf Man (1941) George WaggnerJennifer Kent
- Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988) John Hough
- Dog Soldiers (2002) ‎Neil Marshall
- Werewolf of London (1935) Stuart Walker
- Bad Moon (1996) Eric Red
- Silver Bullet (1985) Dan Attias
- Company of Wolves (1984) Neil Jordan
- The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman (1971) León Klimovsky

4. Sculpt
- The Thing (1982) John Carpenter
- Jaws (1975) Stephen Spielberg
- Poltergeist (1982) Tobe Hooper
- Evil Dead II (1987) Sam Rami
- The Fly (1986) David Cronenberg
- Se7en (1995) David Fincher
- Aliens (1986) James Cameron
- The Sixth Sense (1999) M. Night Shyamalan
- Jacob's Ladder (1990) Adrian Lyne
- Scanners (1981) David Cronenberg

5. Morningriser
- Halloween (1978) John Carpenter
- Friday The 13th (1980) Sean S. Cunningham
- Suspiria (1977) Dario Argento
- The Omen (1976) Richard Donner
- American Psycho (2000) Mary Harron
- Sleepaway Camp (1983) Robert Hitzik
- Last House On The Left (1972) Wes Craven
- A Serbian Film (2011) Srdjan Spasojevic
- American Mary (2013) Jen and Sylvia Soska
- Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010) Eli Craig

6. bamahorrorfan87
- A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Wes Craven
- The Exorcist 1973 William Friedkin
- Hellraiser (1987) Clive Barker
- Child's Play (1988) Tom Holland
- Scream (1996) Wes Craven
- King Kong (1933) Merian C. Cooper
- The Stand (1994) Mick Garris
- The Birds (1963) Alfred Hitchcock
- (missed)

7. DeadbeatAtDawn
- Ravenous (1999) Antonia Bird
- Night of the Living Dead (1968) George A. Romero
- 100 Tears (2007) Marcus Koch
- Garden of Love (2003) Olaf Ittenbach
- Martin (1977) George A. Romero
- Charlie's Farm (2014) Chris Sun
- Buio Omega (1979) Joe D'Amato
- Home Sweet Home (2013) David Morlet
- The Hills Run Red (2009) Dave Parker
- Nekromantik (1987) Jörg Buttgereit

8. roshiq
- Nosferatu (1922) F.W. Murnau
- Psycho (1960) Alfred Hitchcock
- Gojira aka Godzilla (1954) Ishirō Honda
- Dawn Of The Dead (1978) George A. Romero
- Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch
- Predator (1987), John McTiernan
- The Orphanage (2007) J. A. Bayona
- Let the Right One In (2008) Tomas Alfredson
- Horror of Dracula (1958) Terence Fisher
- Videodrome (1983) David Cronenberg

horcrux2007 10-26-2015 02:05 PM

My first pick is Alien, 1979, directed by Ridley Scott. One of the few movies that scares the shit outta me every time I watch it, yet I insist on watching it at midnight each time.

Repo'd 10-26-2015 02:51 PM

^Solid choice

My first round pick is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974, Tobe Hopper. A seminal film that has spawned dozens (hundreds?) of imitators. Social commentary with a chainsaw!

Roiffalo 10-26-2015 05:35 PM

An American Werewolf in London (1981) directed by John Landis. Having won the first-ever awarded Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup, this film brings to life the best transformation ever put to screen. The number one choice for werewolf fans for your viewing pleasure. Just keep a good hold of your balloons from those pesky naked Americans.

Sculpt 10-26-2015 08:54 PM

the thing 82

bamahorrorfan87 10-27-2015 01:28 AM

Nightmare on elm street 1984 wes craven

DeadbeatAtDawn 10-27-2015 01:36 AM

Morningriser 10-27-2015 06:06 AM

Halloween (1978) John Carpenter

sorry I was half asleep this morning

Morningriser 10-27-2015 06:38 PM

Jason Vorhees chooses

Friday The 13th (1980) Sean S. Cunningham
Psycho (1960) Alfred Hitchcock

Morningriser 10-27-2015 06:41 PM

I wanted to be a dick and post his selections as the remakes for him PMing me his choices and only posting the titles but I figured I would be nice, this time. Next time not so much.

tfantasy it is your go. I hope you make it on in time. You have until 11:40am to make your round 2 pick/

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