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Movie theatre of horror and mystery. watch films from different times. GROUP COPYRIGHT 2015 Anglewitch Movie Theatre is Open. Group is being presided by Michael Myers. If you have any questions, talk to him. Feel Free To Watch Any Of The Films Posted
13 18 73 1
03:24 PM
This group is set up to discuss the older horror and sci fi movies but will include modern classics as well. Her Nibs The Duchess is the moderator for this group.
32 132 522 0
09:41 AM
This is a group for people who like underrated horror movies such as Fright, The Other (not to be mistaken for The Others.) and The Gate.
32 3 6 6
05:05 AM
where the real cool kids go to sit around and talk bad about the other kids. yea it's a real cool club and you're not part of it.
4 4 32 0
11:11 AM
This is a group, for members working on the HDC collaborative movie. Basically contact without clogging up the regular forums, and email addresses. [Invite Only]
8 2 14 0
03:53 PM
For the members of HDC, who are fans of all classic horror films.
16 1 6 0
02:18 AM
For those of you residents at HDC, whom play a lot of games.
11 2 2 0
08:42 AM
This is a group for the Musicians of HDC. Share, collaborate and even pimp your music here!
7 1 2 0
11:36 AM
Italian horror short movie
1 0 0 0
The history of monsters such as vampires were wolves, and much more.
11 3 13 0
11:33 AM
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