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Conversation Between Morningriser and anglewitch
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  1. anglewitch
    02-15-2019 06:27 PM
    You're okay man. I didn't think you were ignoring my posts at all. Just tone it a bit.
    Like what bloof says down below.
  2. Morningriser
    02-15-2019 06:09 PM
    I appreciate your concern earlier you. I was just aggravated because everything started before the editing incident. I wasn't responding to your messages because I was trying to stay away from the thread and smoking a bowl to calm down.
  3. anglewitch
    11-29-2018 03:28 PM
    Stop looking at the printable version of the thread "sluts"
  4. anglewitch
    11-24-2018 07:44 PM
    Showing 6 of 6 friends.
    Then 6 contact icons
    Uh oh.

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