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  1. Jake.Ashworth
    11-04-2015 08:20 AM
    Im a metal head at the core, modern and classic rock. Lately though I have been listening to www.neverendingwonder.com a lot. Its a great mix of Halloween music and weird twisted musical arrangements. But end of the day, Im a metal head, I love Lamb of God, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Hatebreed, and yes Cradle of Filth. How 'bout you? Its unfortunate you didn't dress up, I saw that picture you posted from a previous Halloween, very nice. My wifey has the Caterpiller from Labrynth on her collarbone. She has plans for lots more too. Lol. A move can suck, but the feeling when its done is wonderful. Itll go smoothly, I have full confidence that everything will fall into place. I am a firm believer that confidence makes everything easier.
  2. SerialKiller
    11-03-2015 04:46 PM
    I will read them & let you know what I think. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now, I'm sick. :( I'm also getting ready to move into a new house. Kinda excited, & dreading at the same time. Packing is such a bitch sometimes. Anyways you made me laughhh omg. His voice is hot as well. :D I'd say listen to your missus. A Camp Crystal Lake sign alone will probably get you a lot of questions, & maybe a couple of those looks people love to give. Does she have any ink? Halloween was OK. I went out with friends, didn't even bother dressing up. I'm just not feeling good at all. I'm a little sad my favorite holiday wasn't much fun this year. :( I'll make up for it next year. A mud run is always a lot of fun, hope you enjoy it. :p Do you like Cradle of Filth? What do you usually listen to??
  3. Jake.Ashworth
    11-02-2015 06:09 AM
    Really!!!! The Hellbound Heart Novela was the first book. It is essentially the first movie in book form. Then there are somewhere around 6-10 graphic novels. Then The Scarlet Gospels that kind of wraps it all up. It is all fantastic and you need them... I also agree... Doug Bradley as Pinhead is hot, lol. He also does all of the speaking parts for all of Cradle of Filths music. His voice is epic. Im trying to figure out my Friday the 13th and Halloween tattoos. I don't want stuff that's too obvious. My wife suggested doing the camp crystal lake sign alone, I think that's what I will do. What did you end up doing for Halloween, costume and events? I love obstacle courses. We have a mud run planned for next spring. Itll be my first.
  4. SerialKiller
    10-30-2015 01:26 PM
    I love Pinhead. He scared me when I was little, now he's hot. Go figure. I haven't been reading much of anything lately though, & I love to read. I got a couple of books from the library & read a little bit of one, now they're just sitting in my room. The Freddy tattoo is going to be killer! No pun intended. ;) Miss Jameson didn't get her sleeves till after she "retired", maybe that's why you haven't seen them yet. Sure you saw her Heartbreaker tattoo back in the day though. I just got home, went & got some pizza. I still haven't got a costume yet.
  5. Jake.Ashworth
    10-28-2015 06:14 AM
    Always nice to make a little money, lol. The home theater has been appropriately broken in, lol. I still listen when Im in the mood, but its rare and in the car with the widows up lol. The Hellraiser movies had just the right amount of gore and sex. Not to mention Pinhead is about my favorite villain to ever exist. Have you read The Scarlet Gospels? It kind of wraps up the Hellraiser story and you get to know Pinhead a bit more. Its pretty fantastic. I plan on doing Freddy's glove over my right shoulder and a quote from him running along one of the blades. I want a image and a quote from all of them. I plan to do the puzzle box and some chains an underneath like someone scratched it in with a needle I want my favorite quote "No tears, please. Its a waste of good suffering." I love belly button piercings, something about it lol. Ill have to check out Jenna's sleeves, never looked that close, or honestly it wasn't what I was looking at...
  6. SerialKiller
    10-27-2015 01:09 PM
    Home theater is what I'm talking about. :D Did you break it in yet? I know a couple of Juggalos still yet. It's been ages since I've listened to ICP though! Some of their songs are just so funny. I love the Hellraiser movies, they're just a little bit naughty & I like that. If you get horror tattoos keep me updated! I think that's so cool,I used to know this boy who had Freddy & Mike. He actually had his room turned into a shrine kind of. He had life size statues of Pinhead & Jason. I'm really into Jenna Jameson's sleeves that she has now, I think they look amazing. I personally could never cover myself in tattoos, but I like looking at other people's tattoos. I have my ears & belly button pierced. I want to get dermals on my hips soon.
  7. Jake.Ashworth
    10-27-2015 03:37 AM
    It was good, blew some money lol. I need to be a little more responsible. We went and bought a projector and screen so now I have a little home theater going on about 120" screen. We unfortunately have no black lights anymore, they went when I had kids. But hopefully someday the kids will bring them back. Yeah I had a good 5 year run pretty into the whole Juggalo scene, its not my proudest moment. But I made some pretty awesome friends and had some pretty crazy times. Escape from Tomorrow was a little to artsy, but it was fun to watch. Very strange. I am a horror fanatic and Hellraiser was my dads favorite movie so the puzzle box means a lot to me. I plan on doing a ton of horror related tattoos, its really the only thing I care enough about to put on my body lol. What did you do this weekend? Sounds like good times were had? What do you have pierced? I did my tongue back when I was a youngster, but click it against my teeth got really, really old. Lol.
  8. SerialKiller
    10-26-2015 01:29 PM
    I love black lights. I had a lot growing up, now I just have one. :( Juggalo as in "hocus pocus joker's ride"????? If so, cool. :p I believe the FBI label them a gang now, which is hilarious.:D Stitch is so adorable. <3 I love him too. I have not had the pleasure of seeing Escape from Tomorrow though. I will google it later. I only have piercings now, but I would love to get a tattoo. Only something meaningful though! Never one just for the sake of it. Your's sounds like it's had a lot of thought put into it. I would never get tired of looking at something so positive. I had such an insane weekend!! One of the best I've ever had in a long time. How was yours?
  9. Jake.Ashworth
    10-23-2015 05:33 AM
    The picture didn't work, just click the link.
  10. Jake.Ashworth
    10-23-2015 05:32 AM
    Yeah, had my own entrance so I wouldn't bug them when I came and went as I pleased. Mine was black lights and black light chalk. Had some posters, especially when I went through my Juggalo phase... But my friends and myself drew and wrote all over the walls and ceiling in black light chalk. My wife was a Tinkerbell fanatic when we met. Now shes more of a Stitch type person. Have you seen the independent artsy film secretly shot in Disney World? It was called Escape from Tomorrow. Pretty crazy flick. The whole movie was made in the parks without Disney knowing. Im glad I could help cheer you up, I try to be motivational, lol. The place I work is really big on Joy and staying happy, we have a pretty awesome company manifesto you might like. Thank you for your compliments. I don't have any tattoos, but hopefully I will this month, Im getting the Lament Configuration on my leg.\

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