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  1. LuvablePsycho
    04-23-2018 11:22 AM
    Yeah I can see the similarities. Carrie had an abusive mother figure just like Cinderella and the people that felt sorry for her and were trying to help her (like Sue and Ms. Collins) were kind of like her fairy godmother. Of course Tommy was like the prince even though he was really Sue's boyfriend and was only going out with Carrie as a favor for Sue, and the prom was like the ballroom that Cinderella attended.

    But personally I see it as mirroring the kids who snap and shoot up schools because they were bullied. They often start out just like Carrie did, they get bullied by their classmates and they often have abusive or neglectful parents at home and then one day something pushes them over the edge just like when Carrie had pigs blood poured over her. Of course Carrie didn't use guns she used her telekinesis to kill everyone in the prom because she was going to make them all pay for the years of abuse that she endured.
  2. Tommy Jarvis
    04-23-2018 04:50 AM
    Tommy Jarvis
    I once heard someone describe Carrie as "the Cinderella story through the eyes of Stephen King". How do you feel about that statement?

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