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Conversation Between Repo'd and Roiffalo
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  1. Roiffalo
    06-27-2015 12:37 PM
    Awesome! That'd be fantastic, thanks! I'll certainly do so if I'm ever in the area again. 8)
  2. Repo'd
    06-25-2015 03:28 PM
    It's a hotbed for ghost hunting. I work with one of the paranormal groups in Gettysburg, so let me know if you ever get down here and I can get you into a haunt or two.
  3. Roiffalo
    06-25-2015 02:11 PM
    Lol, welp almost. I'm central central. Like 3-4 hours from anything. But ahh I'm actually a little jealous! You're close to Gettysburg! Excellent, very excellent area for ghosting. One of these days I'll get to go visit it again. -sigh-
  4. Repo'd
    06-25-2015 04:58 AM
    I don't consider it rude at all. I live in South Central, not too far from New Oxford.
  5. Roiffalo
    06-25-2015 12:57 AM
    Would it be rude of me to ask where abouts in PA you live? (west, east, or central) I never meet fellow PA residents online who live central.

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