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  1. anglewitch
    10-13-2016 09:28 AM

    Your Halloween card.

    I need to redo it though. The quote isn't big enough.
  2. anglewitch
    10-07-2016 06:39 AM
    I'll check it out when I get a chance.
  3. TheBossInTheWall
    10-07-2016 06:38 AM
    VERY good.
  4. anglewitch
    10-07-2016 03:04 AM
    Never heard of it, is it any good?
  5. TheBossInTheWall
    10-06-2016 06:08 PM
    Its from the book cover of Kathe Koja's The Cipher.
  6. anglewitch
    10-06-2016 12:16 PM
    I am looking at your new avatar. I can't quite make it out, what is it?
  7. anglewitch
    09-20-2016 07:12 AM
    Sorry that the music offended you.
  8. anglewitch
    08-26-2016 04:26 PM
    Stop sitting on their butts and fight back. Or at least start cracking down on their refugee intake.I don't know why I bothered saying that. They have already started doing that.

    You probably think of me as some racist nut now. If we're going to talk about this any further I suggest that we private message these kinds of conversations. We might end up saying something that will offend someone and then get us both banned.

    We're going to have a very interesting friendship.
  9. TheBossInTheWall
    08-26-2016 04:23 PM
    What do you suggest they start doing?
  10. anglewitch
    08-26-2016 08:11 AM
    Rise up Germany! Rise up and fight! said in german
    Rise up Poland! Rise up and fight! said in polish
    Rise up France! Rise up and fight! said in french.

    They're are starting to speak out against these terrorist bombings that have been occurring a little too frequently in Europe. My brothers (not literally my brothers) have awakened. How would you like it if someone came into your neighborhood, town, or city and started blowing things up. You're going to want to start doing something about it right?

    Note: not trying to be racist.
    Been trying to come up with an interesting signature. Instead I get ticked off looking at it and then decide to change it. So your going to be seeing some random crap. Ignore it.

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