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Conversation Between Roiffalo and Morningriser
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  1. Morningriser
    10-20-2018 07:17 AM
    Despite mistakes I made with you, I miss talking to you.
  2. Roiffalo
    04-18-2016 10:39 PM
    Very! Welcome back! 8)
  3. Morningriser
    04-18-2016 06:58 PM
    well I guess its a good thing I'm back isn't it?
  4. Roiffalo
    03-12-2016 07:29 AM
    Hey, Morning! Haven't seen you on in forever. Miss seeing you around, buddy.
  5. Morningriser
    10-21-2015 03:53 PM
    Oh shit! ...run
  6. Roiffalo
    10-21-2015 03:02 PM
    He's onto us!
  7. Morningriser
    10-20-2015 06:35 PM
    For some reason that profile pic up there makes me think Beavis somehow got SpongeBob pregnant and they had a girl who Harry Potter knocked up and then had the guy in your profile pic lol

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