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09-10-2004, 12:28 PM
Okay...... Why is it that the DUMBEST fucking people are always in charge?

I am working on this project at work, I am a programmer/web designer. I am making a big web site/application that will clear up years of confusion, complaints, and really bad procedure once and for all.

to put it in layman's terms:

Pretend i am building a car. this car will drive you to where you need to go, doesnt need fuel, and customizes itself automatically to fit the person that is using it with minimal input on their part.

Now imagine the person heading up the project is not even my boss.

now imagine that 90% of the stuff the car is supposed to do, it does, and i did it ALL by myself.

Okay, so we have a phone meeting where everyone is talking about what the car does. say part of the 10% that isnt finished yet is the self-locking doors.

The project lead asks if the doors will lock themselves.

I say yes.

Hes asks if they lock themselves now.

I say not yet.

"Hey, the doors arent locking themselves"
"they dont do that yet...."
"Oh, Will they?"

this EXACT conversation repeats 3 fucking times!!!!!

Now, imagine after that, it eventually comes up that they would like the rims a little thicker. i say it can be done, easily, but not right now, its not a big deal, yes the wheels will fit, no matter what.

Although there are MAJOR fucking things in the car that are in 100% working order, he doesnt leave the fucking rims alone, and in fact goes back to the subject 5 or 6 times..... So i eventually say fuck it, and change the rims on the fucking spot.

"Look again, i changed it."
"Cool. Will the tires all fit?"

right about this time, i am sitting at my desk with my head in my hand, wondering if i would get fired if i told him to fuck off and wait until the whole project is done before looking at it again.

PLUS, they kept asking if certain parts were in place, even though they never once sent me ANY specs on what they wanted, i have built 90% of a car with no blueprint.

I tersely remind everyone that if they dont give me specs, the parts wont get built, because i dont have a photographic fucking memory. Plus, i only make 40k a year, and am the ONLy person working the project AND have been programming for less than a year.

Past projects were built by a team of 4-5 people with 3-7 year sexperience a piece.

I have equaled/surpassed their work with my limited time and experience (oh yeah, they had 100% of their work time dedicated to the project, i have between 40 and 80%)

And the moron pissing me off? makes at least double what i make.

I have 0 college education. 3 years ago i was a fucking woodworker with no experience beyond a couple of pc repairs that i managed to pull out of my ass and fix them, plus a TINY bit of html.

in 3 years, i have become an expert on computer repair, network troubleshooting, web design, and pc building, PLUS, i tought myself how to program. i have exceeded expectations in every category on every review i have had.

Yet i am still answering tech support calls, and having to answer to people that would get creamed in a spelling bee vs Forrest gump.....

End rant.......:mad: :mad: :mad:

09-10-2004, 12:32 PM
Originally posted by Vodstok

Nice typo

09-10-2004, 12:54 PM
Wow, sorry to hear all of that. Sounds very frustrating.

Look on the brightside....(the brightside is that picture you're using for an avatar right now!) :)

09-10-2004, 01:30 PM
so i started reading it and halfway i blacked out. im back though.

for real, that sucks. like people dont even try to THINK for 1 half a second, they just open their fuckin mouth. my dad does that all the time. i have dough shaped ina circle, puting tomato sauce on it, and grating some cheese and he goes 'what are you making?'


Lucid Dreams
09-10-2004, 02:36 PM
i hate ppl....plain and simple....people could be so fucking brainless and not know it...makes you just want to put a pan over their head and start beating down on it thinkin it'll make them a lil more smart....that really sux to hvae to deal wit the BS....just fuck em....

09-10-2004, 03:04 PM
Sorry about the crap.

You made me feel better though--I just got rid of a boss that was a dickhead from Hell.

You're young, hang in there--it sounds like most of your life is going in the right direction.