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scouse mac
07-24-2010, 03:34 AM
Serial killer franchise Saw has been named the most successful horror movie series by the Guinness World Records. Producer Mark Burg told Reuters news agency he was "in shock" at beating other long-running movie franchises, such as Friday the 13th and Halloween. The six Saw films, in which victims try to escape elaborate traps set by the "jigsaw killer", have made a total of $733m (472m) at the box office.

Horror films at the box office

* Halloween (10 films, 1978-2009) - $367m
* A Nightmare On Elm Street (nine films, 1984-2009) - $447m
* Friday the 13th (12 films, 1980-2009) - $465m
* Scream (three films, 1996-2000) - $507m
* Saw (six films, 2004-2009) - $733m

Saw made its debut in 2004, and a new film has been released for Halloween every year since. The seventh and final installment, which will be shown in 3D, is due out on 29 October.

"We are done; this is it. We don't want to be that boxer who fought one too many fights," Burg said. "In every Saw movie, we left questions open and in this movie we answer every question the audience has ever had."

Although other horror films have spawned more sequels - there are 12 films based on Friday the 13th and nine for Nightmare On Elm Street - Saw has proved the biggest box office draw.

The Guinness prize will be handed over to the films' producers at the Comic-Con conference in San Diego.


07-24-2010, 04:03 AM
Fair enough; the Saw series probably deserves to be the top grossing horror franchise, though I was pretty disappointed by Saw 6.

I'm still being stubborn about not watching 3-D movies so I've been given another reason to pass on watching Saw 7.

07-24-2010, 02:37 PM
...until they pick up the Scream franchise again.

07-24-2010, 09:56 PM
Damn Scream did really well didn't it. I remember it being big but not that big.

07-24-2010, 10:06 PM
Kind of surprising to me. But, I guess the fact that the Saw series started in 2004 and ticket prices are ridiculously high(IMO) helped.

For only a three movie series, Scream did really good.

Saw 6 didn't do it for me either, hoping 7 is good. The fact that I won't go see a movie at the theater basically wipes out the 3-D aspect for me. I hope it's not just heavily reliant on the eye candy like The Final Destination was.
Take away the 3-D and that movie sucked.

Probably sucked in 3-D, but at least fun to watch the effects.