View Full Version : PVC-1...An One Take Thriller from Colombia!

02-18-2010, 12:51 AM
In Colombia, a woman and her family became the victim of an unusual act of terrorism. Unable to pay a ransom, the mother is turned into a human time bomb and is now trapped in a physical and mental circumstance from which she and her family try to break free.


A gripping thriller told in real time, the most fascinating part is that its full 85-minute running time is one continuous shot, with no cuts and no editing but a shocking ending.
Based on an actual incident, PVC-1 begins with a group of masked criminals burst into a rural Colombian home for what initially can assume as a straightforward robbery but evolves into an outrageous ransom demand of 15 million pesos. When the father tells them actually he has no money, they attach a PVC collar-bomb to the mother's neck, threatening them that they have very little time to come up with the money or they will detonate the bomb remotely. What follows is a harrowing ordeal as the mother and her family scrambles to meet up with a task force that will try to defuse the bomb.


The cast delivered fair enough performance where the mother character was by far the most complete one, and the woman playing the role did a splendid job of a content, fulfilled woman who is one second playing with a cute little chick in a shed and the next wearing her mortality around her neck.

This can easily be regard as an amazing accomplishment considering it was filmed in one single take with a limited budget. So kudos goes to the director as he brilliantly succeed the challenge to make such an one take film.
A piece of art camera work with a compelling original story that everyone need to see it to understand & appreciate the cinematic brilliance behind it all.

psycho d
02-19-2010, 06:12 AM
The one take thing is hard to believe. i can't wait to see it.