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05-08-2006, 02:36 PM
How many horror comic strips do people read? I asked myself that question about 2 years ago and found that the answer was "not many". It seems there are tons of online horror comic strips out there, and while some are dark in nature, there was no real example of horror movie fans populating a strip.

I'm an artist and horror movie fan so I thought that the time had come for a cool, comic strip that us fans could enjoy and laugh at. The result was "The Horror...", a comic strip about 4 roommates (2 guys, a girl, and a demon) living in an Elm St. townhouse, dealing with hauntings, life, and of course horror movies.

Message boards like this and elsewhere are constant inspiration to come up with new strips, often channeling the rants of us fans.

I posted some strips in the general discussion forum, but perhaps it's more appropriate here.

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