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Gren the cake
05-16-2005, 01:22 PM
i had an uncle come down from canada a couple years ago. he was abou 34.. or 37 at the time im assuming? anyway, he specificlaly came down to date. LOL, i guess not having any luck up there.

he was down here for about 2 months, used the guest room, my toilet, my shower...

anyway. my mom called me today, first of all to yell at me as to where the hell i was the whole weekeend. then to tell me 'your uncle raul died this weekend. asthma attack'

he died on saturday.

no, im not looking for sympathy. yeh, i kinda knew him, and he was real real nice... i mean its sad. but moreso, it got me thinkin

he had a career, a car, a house up there.... but he never had love. for what reasons, i'm not sure. so i think, he was 'established' but he never had a special someone. he came down here hoping for some luck, didnt get it. and now thats it

hence the title... just something to think about.

and then i wonder, so maybe if he DID find her.. he wouldve died anyway? OR i wonder... was he at work when he had the attack? or was he ALONE in the house... couldnt get to a phone or have anyone to yell at/help him?

he was an ok lookin guy, although i would definitely say, hearing some of the stuff he'd say about the girls (eg 'she wasnt that fat in the picture') i could KINDA understand why he didnt have a gf or wife. ... i dunno, just a thought!

not that its a bad thing to have a job and a house, but sometimes i wonder about peoples materialism... just like all the songs say.. the only thing u need in life is LOVE. at least, thats what I believe.. (and dont be stupid and start telling me 'well u need food otherwise you'll starve' etc etc. you know what i mean).

05-16-2005, 01:27 PM
i know what you mean .. but you need more than just love ...
since it is never unconditional between adults there are many factors that can grind down your love.

the most obvious example is money.
when you are in a relationship where money becomes a shared response .. things can get rough .. if things are rough.

Being established can be a big help.
I bet there are a lot of couples who were crazy about each other that allowed money matters to come between them down the road.

Gren the cake
05-16-2005, 01:35 PM
o yeh. but he wasnt like 24 and down here...

i mean, u graudate HS at 18 lets say. bachelors by... 22? lets just even say by 24 cuz ur a slacker. MA maybe 26...

he was easily over 35.. so i wa wondering what he was doing this 10 years? also, a lot of people meet while theyre in school or whatever.. so i wonder....

05-16-2005, 03:32 PM
I would kick love's ass.

Seriously, I don't believe in the nonsense (romantic hoity toity, personally. Well for me, anyway....don't start)

Think that your cousin died because his health was poor. It wasn't his fault. No woman would have made it any different. Hopefully he did have love from his family.

My friend Wes came to me crying one day. This cousin of his had a loaded pistol at the top of his closet. When said cousin was trying to dislodge a box (having forgotten about the gun), the pistol fell to the floor, fired, and shot my friend's cousin in the head.

My friend didn't know his cousin too well, but it tore him up inside about the loss of life due to one mistake. So life is like that. Death is indiscriminate.

Despite your wishes for no "sympathy," I would like to give my condolensces to you and your family.

05-16-2005, 04:08 PM
I say stick to what makes you happy now, because that's all that matters. If I'm enjoying myself, to hell with everyone unless they are responsible in part for my enjoyment. (Selfish? of course)

Nice shit makes me happy though, I don't have any of my own though :p

Love can keep people alive and lack of love can definately be responsible for a death. It's nature's way of picking off the "useless" ones. ;)

05-16-2005, 04:30 PM
Originally posted by hellboy
This is in no way an attack, but your choice of words at times prompts them. "Useless" to me is parents who dont own up to their responsabilities, people who abuse children, animals and women. Junkies, and voluntary ignorance.

I don't consider them useless. I meant because they probably aren't going to be supplying the world with any babies. Which we don't really need, but still...

05-16-2005, 04:31 PM
Originally posted by hellboy
This is in no way an attack, but your choice of words at times prompts them. "Useless" to me is parents who dont own up to their responsabilities, people who abuse children, animals and women. Junkies, and voluntary ignorance.

hahah at first I read that as you considering animals and women useless.

05-16-2005, 08:30 PM
I think love does matter. You need people to live a complete life, whether it be your family, friends or that one "special person". If there's no one there to care about you, do you really care about yourself, your health, ect.?

I would have to ponder also that if he had someone there would it have turned out the same....I have always thought every action in life, if done differently, or anyone or anything there was different, changes everything

Gren the cake
05-16-2005, 08:33 PM
i wasnt at all sayin that he died cuz without love. but just sayin, i mean he DID come down here specifically to date, so obviously he's been looking for it.

just kinda sad.. i mean, coming home EVERYDAY to.. no one? trying to find her and striaght up dies

love, in any form, a hubby, family, dog, friend, whatever, is important. my point reallyw as moreso on materialism.. as int heres some people in th world that really say 'oh yeh i dont need friends i dont need love i just need money' and thats just a convulated way of thinking

anyway. i asked my mom today. turns out it was on thursday that he flew into the phillippines on vacation. of course, he was gonna date some more LOL. it was saturday that he had the attack, asked to go to a doctor and whiel he was rushing there he died. dint even make it to the hospital. its not like what we have here, they dont have these bad ass ambulances. fact of the amtter is, in a lot of the places, the roads are so jampacked that the ambulance CANT get through

BUT. i was glad he died there. i mean, it sucks that he had just started vacation, but at least he died with family.