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05-10-2005, 02:47 AM
Cannibalism Copycat Kept Man In Refrigerator

Germany - A cannibal confessed yesterday to a court in Berlin that he had killed a teacher and fed the man’s lungs to his cat before he had sliced off and salted other parts of his body with a view to eating them later.

Ralf Meyer, 41, a decorator, was clearly emulating Armin Meiwes, the “Cannibal of Rotenburg”, who was jailed last year for murdering and eating a software specialist.

“I’m ashamed and cannot even dare to offer an apology to his relatives,” Herr Meyer said in a confession read out by his defence lawyer.

The victim, Joe Ritzkowsky, 33, taught music at Berlin’s renowned Waldorf School. The clergyman’s son was drawn to Herr Meyer’s flat through an internet chat room. He let himself be tied to the bed and the two men had sex, during which Herr Meyer dug a screwdriver into the teacher’s neck.

After Herr Ritzkowsky bled to death, Herr Meyer slit open his body, ripped out the lungs for his cat and cut off the penis, which he prepared with spices and wrapped in Cellophane. Then he chopped up the body and placed organs in the fridge. “It was like a butcher’s shop,” said a policeman who searched the flat. The torso was on the bed, with the hacked-off legs and arms laid alongside.

Herr Meyer said in his confession: “I’m afraid of the dark side of my personality, but it continues to fascinate me.”

His defence lawyer emphasised that, unlike Meiwes, Herr Meyer had not eaten any of the organs. When he surrendered to police, he said calmly: “I have killed a man. Help me, there’s a man in my fridge.”

The prosecution has charged Herr Meyer with “murder out of base motive, driven by sexual desire”. Cannibalism is not an offence under German law.

Police have long feared that the Meiwes case would weaken the taboo against eating human flesh. Meiwes was convicted of manslaughter, but recently the German Appeals Court decided that there should be a re-trial, in which the State will try again to win a conviction for murder.

The defence team said yesterday that they would try to have Herr Meyer sent to a psychiatric clinic for an extended period.

Details of a 105-page psychiatric report have been leaked to the press. Herr Meyer told the examining doctor that he had fantasies, even in his prison cell while awaiting trial, of viciously attacking his fellow inmates.

The dossier shows that Herr Meyer started to have cannibal fantasies at the age of 25. Two years ago he started to advertise on the internet for potential victims. One read: “Looking for slim man, round about 30, to be roasted.”

Police estimate from internet exchanges that there are 204 Germans ready to be slaughtered to feed a cannibal, 13 are ready to watch such an act and 29 would like to eat a human being. The trial will continue next week.

05-11-2005, 05:47 PM
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Cannibalism Copycat Kept Man In Refrigerator

where the hell else was he going to keep him ? the dirty clothes hamper ??