View Full Version : Armless Man Takes On Police...Dies In Battle

10-20-2004, 12:24 AM
Man Threatens To Kill Mother With Prosthetic Arms
Officers Return Fire, Killing Man

AKRON, Ohio -- An Akron police officer is in stable condition after police said he was shot while responding to a 911 call.

The officer, whose name has not been released, had surgery this morning.

Police said Robert McMullen, 33, was threatening to kill his mother with his prosthetic metal hooks.

McMullen's father tried to fend off his son by hitting him with a board, then locked him outside the house after calling 911.

According to police, McMullen fired a rifle at two officers who responded to the disturbance call as they stepped out of their cruisers. McMullen shot one of the officers in the torso underneath the bullet-proof vest.

The other officers returned fire, killing McMullen.

Police identified the wounded officer as a 36-year-old male who has been on the force for nine years.

McMullen reportedly lost his arms from the elbows down in a 1996 accident in which he detonated a homemade grenade.

McMullen reportedly detonated the grenade after a five-mile chase with West Virginia state troopers over a traffic violation.

A search of McMullen's car turned up a 12-inch pipe bomb filled with gunpowder and connected to matches as an ignition source, police said. A BB gun and additional gunpowder also were found in the car.

A search of his Barberton home yielded another pipe bomb and material to manufacture drugs.

10-20-2004, 07:09 PM
Good. It sounds like the world is better off with him dead.