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  1. Cool new documentary about Gator (the skater)
  2. Serial
  3. Pizza Guy Robs Bank, Then Blown Up By Bomb
  4. Cadaver Dog Handler Accused of Planting Evidence
  5. Police Seek Help in Skydive Murder
  6. Student Gets Life For Running Down Girlfriend
  7. Mom Says "No"; Man Murders Family
  8. Missing Woman's Remains Found After 12 Years; Husband Arrested
  9. Fire Victim Identified; Perp & Motive A Mystery
  10. Nightstalker
  11. Man Thinks He's A Vampire; Kills Friend, Drinks Blood
  12. Strange murders
  13. Infanticide
  14. Ed Gien
  15. Ricky Kasso/ Ricky 6
  16. Alfred Hitchcock:Woman impales man in her windshield & leaves him in garage to DIE
  17. Breaking!-"Good mornin' lil schoolgirl!"-Man rapes 13yr old in DRAINAGE TUNNEL-PHOTOS
  18. The Tiger that bit Roy.
  19. Richard speck
  20. Horror Inspiration
  21. Albert Fish
  22. True Crime
  23. Elizabeth Smart
  24. The DusseldorfVampire
  25. they havent found me yet....
  26. 800 canibals in Germany?
  27. true story, this really happened to me
  28. Autopsies
  29. 4 people were found dead at a dilapidated cabin
  30. The man who killed 100 children
  31. german cannibal set for trial
  32. Horror.com Member Arrested For Crime Committed On This Forum
  33. murder in my town
  34. Cats Try to Eat Incapacitated Owner
  35. Substitute teacher confessed to having sex with students
  36. not a crime but yuk
  37. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!
  38. Internet Crime
  39. woman tryes to cook baby
  40. husband tryed to posion his wife?
  41. pysco women
  42. 'Dead' Man Comes Back to Life in Funeral Home
  43. Indiana Cops Saw UFO Day After Christmas
  44. This is where babies REALLY come from
  45. news story found on yahoo
  46. whats wrong w/ ppl today?
  47. Exorcism Suspected After Girl Found Dead
  48. USAF Drops Bomb on Europe by 'Accident'
  49. satanic cult being probed
  50. Hand transplanted from cadaver!
  51. talking to serial killers
  52. richard ramirez
  53. Man Torches College Student
  54. Serial Killer Commits Suicide
  55. Burglars Beheaded Cat
  56. Naked Man Kills Wife With Sword
  57. Four Found Dead In North Carolina
  58. Cannibal's Victim Wanted To Be Eaten
  59. Cannibalistic Witches In Cameroon
  60. Man Blows Up Ex-Wife
  61. Men Arrested For Possessing Human Body Parts
  62. Student Tries To Poison Math Teacher
  63. Dog Eats Dead Owner
  64. Murderer Tried To Decapitate Victim
  65. couldn't find a news forum so i thouhg ti post this here
  66. Decomposing Whale Explodes on Street
  67. TV Star Brings Decapitated Head To Pub
  68. Female Axe Murderer
  69. Seattle Serial Killer
  70. Machete Murder
  71. Corpse Cleanup
  72. Murderer Kept Body For 2 Weeks
  73. Female "Michael Myers" Kills Brother
  74. Brother Hacked To Death With Axe
  75. Strange Deaths In Big Sur
  76. Changing The Television Caused Murder
  77. Man Sealed Alive In Chemical Container
  78. Man Kills 4 With Hoe
  79. Bloodrayne
  80. blood of my brother
  81. 4 Year Old Tests Positive For Cocain
  82. true horror guessing game.
  83. Anyone live in town famous for serial killings?
  84. Samurai Sword Attack
  85. Woman Bites Boyfriend's Tongue Off
  86. Father Tortures "Possessed" Daughters
  87. Jealous Man Bites Lips Off Rival
  88. Woman Bites Officer
  89. Backpacker Tortured
  90. Animal Heads Hung On Church Gate
  91. Police Search For Dog Griller
  92. Satanic Cult Probed In Murders
  93. Pregnant Woman Murdered, Fetus Stolen
  94. Head In Shed Prompts Lawsuit
  95. Church Members Poisoned
  96. Police Identify Foot Found In River
  97. Jogger Finds Burning Corpse
  98. Mushroom Hunters Find Skull
  99. Undertaker Arrested For Coffin Theft
  100. Man Finds Wife Cooking In A Pot
  101. Killer Laughs At Sentence
  102. Naked Man Shot By Police
  103. Man Holds Severed Head In Place, Defies Death
  104. Blood Oozes From Walls
  105. Fishermen Caught Corpse
  106. Tanzania Fights Human Skinning
  107. Man Drives To Work With Chopped Up Wife
  108. Corpse Cannibal Jailed
  109. 8 Decomposing Bodies Found At Funeral Home
  110. Prisoners Suspected Of Cannibalism
  111. Black Metal Musician Takes Head To Party
  112. Man Beheads Corpse
  113. Man Finds Woman's Foot In Garden
  114. Steven segal..... pretty funny
  115. gorgoth + sheep =masacre
  116. Man Commits Suicide When His Pet Fish Die
  117. Inmate Used For Taser Practice
  118. Internet Suicides Plague Japan
  119. Teenager Forced To Feed Corpse
  120. Retired Surgeon Blown To Pieces
  121. not a true crime but its weird
  122. Fired Employee Fed To Lions
  123. Woman Marries Dead Boyfriend
  124. Cyberappliances attack Italian village
  125. Mini Shark Attack
  126. Would-be Columbine copycats arrested
  127. Officers Sickened By Filth
  128. Courtney Love Claims Conspiracy
  129. Used Syringes Found In Macaroni And Cheese
  130. "Pluto" Crushed To Death At Disney
  131. Chainsaw Mastectomy
  132. Valentine's Day...This Day In History
  133. "Clone" Killing Rampage In Kentucky
  134. Inmate Bled To Death, Guards Watched Super Bowl
  135. Truly sick and twisted
  136. Woman Lives With Sister's Corpse
  137. Kite Festival Kills Seven
  138. Son Attacks Father, Kills Mother
  139. Man Decapitates Father
  140. Skulls Found At Building Site
  141. Puppy Arsonist
  142. RIAA Sued under rackiteering laws
  143. Mental Patient Fried Murder Victim's Brain
  144. Man Decapitates Girlfriend, Commits Suicide
  145. Wife Calls Stabbing A "Game"
  146. Darwin Award Winners Declared for 2003
  147. Horse got raped
  148. Satanic Puppet Show
  149. Chef's Throat Slashed In Front Of Diners
  150. Woman Decapitates Mother With Pitchfork And Knives
  151. Would you Watch an Execution on TV?
  152. Give me back my Penis!!
  153. Husband Stabs Wife In The Face
  154. Cult In Arizona
  155. Woman Burns To Death During Religious Ritual
  156. women takes neighbor to court for having loud sex
  157. Ten-year-old killers
  158. Plane Crash Killed Wife And Child, So He Killed Air Traffic Controller
  159. Pain Protects Us
  160. Death By Bagel
  161. Eaten By Unusual Pets
  162. Would You Like Fries with That?
  163. Rocky Horror Monument To Be Erected
  164. Boyfriend Mutilates Cat
  165. Stubborn Man Dies In Yard
  166. Convicted Cannibal Lives As Free Man
  167. Man Dragged Over 8 Miles By SUV
  168. Truck full of da green
  169. PETA stupidity
  170. Abusive Husband Stabbed 193 Times
  171. Noisy Neighbor Killed With 23in Sword
  172. Bad Date=Murder
  173. Let's see Martha Stewart decorate her jail cell...
  174. Man Rapes Dead Body
  175. What does Burger King and Rob Feinstein have in common?
  176. Drug smugglers take box filled with organs instead of dope
  177. Human Sausage?
  178. Ganja-Lasagna
  179. Man dies after chicken wing-eating contest
  180. girlfriend gives head
  181. Man's Body Parts Found...Wife Still Missing
  182. Kids Played With Corpse
  183. "Passion Of Christ" Prompts Murder Confession
  184. Serial Killer Returns After 25 Years
  185. Rwandan Massacre Remembered
  186. Vampire Bats Attack
  187. This story makes me sick
  188. Weird Al's Parent's Found Dead!!!
  189. Little Girl Lives Off of Noodles/Gatorade With Dead Mother After Car Wreck
  190. New York Chef Decapitates Wife
  191. 10th Severed Head Found
  192. Woman's Body Found In Storage Unit
  193. Woman Gives Self C-Section With Knife
  194. Murder Suspect Plucked Out His Own Eye
  195. Man Eats Father's Brains
  196. Man Nails Himself To Cross
  197. Woman Starved Brother To Death
  198. Husband Killed With Cheese Knife
  199. Comical Aussies
  200. Surgical Scissors Left Inside Patient
  201. Avian Flu "Could Change World Order"?
  202. Taco Bell-Metal Shaving Found In Taco
  203. amazing animal story
  204. Necrophilia LEGAL in California?
  205. A Curse Placed On Australia's Prime Minister
  206. Ax-Wielding Maniac Attacks On Subway
  207. Tamale Chef Cooks Friend
  208. Woman Poisons Husband
  209. Students Ordered To Throw Classmate Out Window
  210. Man Burns Himself To Death In Parking Lot
  211. New Evidence -Priest Brutally Murdered Nun
  212. skating twins break arms on same day
  213. man tkes neighbor to court for laughing to loud
  214. kangaroo to b awarded for saving a farmer
  215. Nasty Ingredients Render Cake Inedible
  216. Girl Sold on Ebay
  217. Pork Chop Shoes = New Rage
  218. I am sending you this e-mail because I am dead
  219. Knife Thrower Slices Assistant on Live TV
  220. Hindu Baby with Tail
  221. Singaporean Nipple Biter Confesses
  222. Re; More info on priest brutally murdered nun. Did you guys read the new info on this
  223. Roller Coaster Kills Man
  224. Flesh Eating Bacteria Returns To Canada
  225. Houston Man Tried To Electrocute Wife
  226. California High School Students Plot Massacre
  227. Cult Priestess Convicted Of Grave-Robbing
  228. Eagle Scout Earns Murder Badge
  229. Woman Gets 25 Years for Infants' Murders
  230. Dead man not so dead
  231. Robbery: The New Father/Son Pasttime, but try not to kill the wrong person
  232. Problem: expensive pet food billAnswer: roadkill
  233. Try Our New Low-Carb Mouse Soup
  234. Why we leave tree cutting to experts such as Kpro
  235. waht is she thinking about during sex???????????
  236. Louisiana Bill to ban "low-riding" pants rejected
  237. man commits suicide after having sex w/ hen
  238. chatroom murder plot
  239. Scott Peterson "Just Plain Lying"
  240. hope this guy doesn't get sick
  241. I Fuckin Hate People
  242. Bizarre Story
  243. what women want
  244. Omg, Im depressed now
  245. parents charged w/ chaining boy
  246. world turning to dust
  247. Check this out.
  248. Man making tea sees body in fridge
  249. waht happens when u fall asleep during class
  250. judge caught masterbating in court