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Cool Horror - Good, Bad and the Best!
Child's Play
Child's Play 
Night of the Demons (1988) 
Angela Demon
Night of the Demons 2 
Shirley Demon
Night of the Demons 2 
   Trick or Treat, 
Slugs (1988) A Girl Getting Eating by Slugs .. Totally Gross!!!
Slugs (1988) A Guy Head Exploded With Parasites Found in the Blood Stream of Slugs .. Total Disgusto!!!
Sexy Night of the Demons (2009) Art Poster
Re-Animator - Animation
Leprechaun - Horror Maniac Icon
Night of the Demons(2009) Suzanne Demon
Witchboard - Jim Holding His Best Friend's Dead Body Brandon
Halloween4 - Michael Myers
The Shining - Here's Johnny
Stephen King's Pet Sematary  - Evil Church Cat
Stephen King's It Evil Clown
Dawn of the Dead (2004) Scary Little Zombie
Child's Play 3
Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight Demons And The Crypt Keeper
Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood Vampire Lilith
Tales From the Crypt Presents Ritaul a Guy Bubbling to His Death
Sexy Jennifer's Body Jennifer (Megan Fox Burning Her Toung
Sexy Jennifer's Body Hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox)
Sexy Jennifer's Body
Evil Dead (2013) Evil Mia Cuts Her Toung

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