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stuff and things
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safe image
From across the pond..My very own Maggot!! and new hand cuff bracelet..Well chuffed!!Thankyou Cayora x
Sirius and Leon..or Nergal as my boys call him.
My sleeping arrangement.Yoda,Lily and Sirius hogging the bed.
Yoda pulling his tongue out mid dream
DRAAAAGON!..This was from The Liverpool street samba/gay pride festival thingy a while back.His mouth opened and shut on various peoples heads!
Leon and Yoda with satanic eyes!
Me  and Lilian my recue collie cross
Yoda ..cute but deadly!!
Leon,tiny otter gimpy legged cat
Leon ,,even when hes asleep his claws are out!
Leon chilling
Sirius The beast of Bodmin and Yoda his partner in crime
Leon catpuss
Yoda sitting on Sirius's head...eviiil kitten!
This is about as glam as I get!
Me bothering exotic birds at the zoo
Dracula A Funny Vampire From Romania 11 665x475

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