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Fan art and random monster art
Self explanatory. See my site for more if you're interested, and I do take commissions. Message me for details. 8)
eat your heart
IMG 20130922 170037
IMG 20130918 165002
weredobe snarl copy
the Docter wilL See YOu Now copy
worm critter
schrei by kigerwolfrd d7504qn
plague dog thing trade copy
out of the woods copy
not a yeti in a sweater
IMG 20150617 045757 zpsabwcxm1r
IMG 20150305 195724 zps19271fb4 copyright
chainsaw revamp detail
chainsaw revamp
1457250843.kigerwolf vzm.img 20160306 024250
1465188255.kigerwolf opening wolfcop werewolf
asylum werewolf. cause they're addictive.
WolfCop fan art. Lou doing what Lou does best. Being drunk on duty.
lunatic werewolf
werewolf sketch doodle
bloody Hannibal sketch
Frankenstein's monster

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